Research & Documentation

According to the "Ordinance on the Establishment of the Orff Centre Munich", the institute is to "give new impetus to scientific research [...]". This is done on the one hand by scholars publishing their new findings based on the materials found in the Orff Centre Munich. These publications continuously expand the holdings of the institute's library. On the other hand, the Orff Centre Munich gives "new impulses" by the fact that its staff members, including the directors, also actively participate in the scientific discourse and publish their results in the form of lectures, small contributions (articles, booklet texts, interviews), essays and books.

In addition to providing materials and conducting scholarly research, the Orff Centre Munich is further to "promote lively engagement with the life and work of the composer Carl Orff" (1988 decree). Accordingly, the Institute not only responds to external enquiries, but also actively encourages people to engage with Carl Orff by commissioning (research) and initiating projects. Since the mid-1990s, the Orff Centre Munich has arranged scholarships, which were previously financed by the Carl Orff Foundation. Only dissertations focusing on Carl Orff or closely related fields are funded. Under the heading "Research assignments and other financial support / support for academic work ", lectures, publications or preliminary work on these are listed which were initiated or commissioned by the Orff Centre Munich and financially supported with funds from the Institute. Lectureships enable staff members of the Orff Centre Munich to lead seminars at colleges and universities, thus arousing interest in Carl Orff among prospective scientists, educators and artists while they are still studying. The lively examination of the composer's life and work is also promoted not least by the events held by the State Institute - above all through academic symposia, lectures, panel discussions and exhibitions.