Music for Children
Downside Preparatory School for Boys, Edisford Primary School, Kammerchor der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik München, Llangefni County Primary School, Pelham Primary School, Roehampton Primary School, Sutton High School for Girls, Whitgift School, Carl Orff (ML), Hermann Regner (ML), Jessica Bevan (Sopran), Tia Kuchmy (Sopran).
A1-1 The Nursery Rhymes of England A1-2 What’s your name?
A1-3 Improvisations
A1-4 Ladybird, The hot pease man, Jack Sprat’s pig A1-5 Two instrumental pieces
A1-6 Wee Willie Winkie A1-7 Three ostinato pieces A1-8 The barnyard song A1-9 Two ostinato pieces
A1-10 Little Tommy Tucker A1-11 Mr Rabbit
A1-12 Mr Frog’s wedding A1-13 Unk, unk, unk
A1-14 Instrumental piece A1-15 Alleluja
A1-16 Farewell to the Old Year A1-17 Two pieces for recorder A1-18 Ye banks and braes
A1-19 Riddle song
A1-20 Two instrumental pieces B1-21 There was an old woman
B1-22 Three short instrumental pieces B1-23 Fabian, Sebastian
B1-24 Dance, lassie do
B1-25 Three short ostinato pieces B1-26 Old King Cole
B1-27 Simple Simon
B1-28 Two short ostinato pieces B1-29 Cradle Song
B1-30 Two percussion pieces B1-31 Five fools in a barrow B1-32 Proverbs
B1-33 Ostinato piece B1-34 Percussion piece B1-35 Canon for drums B1-36 Two pieces
B1-37 Sumer is icumen in B1-38 Song for Good Friday B1-39 Instrumental piece A2-1 Recorder and timpani
A2-2 Piece for solo xylophone
A2-3 Dashing away with the smoothing iron A2-4 Two pieces
A2-5 Poor wayfaring stranger A2-6 The wife of Usher’s Well A2-7 Street song
A2-8 Piece for two recorders and percussion A2-9 Riddles
A2-10 Rundadinella
A2-11 Two short pieces
A2-12 Land of the silver birch
A2-13 Two dances for three xylophones A2-14 No John, no
A2-15 Festive procession A2-16 Glenlogie
B2-17 Three xylophone pieces B2-18 Weather sayings
B2-19 Wordless song
B2-20 Recorder and drum B2-21 Two xylophone pieces
B2-22 Yonder sits a fair young damsel B2-23 Short piece
B2-24 Malcolm laddie B2-25 Dance piece
B2-26 Instrumental piece B2-27 The fair lady
B2-28 Pastoral pieces B2-29 Dance
B2-30 Evening prayer B2-31 Triad pieces
B2-32 Mary at the Cross B2-33 Malaguena
B2-34 Two pieces for brass instruments B2-35 Ascension
A3-1 The wraggle taggle gipsies A3-2 Spanish ladies
A3-3 Old midsummer dance A3-4 The loyal lover
A3-5 Decorated thirds A3-6 Searching for lambs A3-7 True Thomas
A3-8 Piece for percussion A3-9 Fog
A3-10 Quem queritis in sepulchro? A3-11 Mida vita
A3-12 Chorus from Sophocles’ Antigone; Wonders are many A3-13 Incipiunt Laudes Creaturarum
B3-14 The Keel Row B3-15 Y gog lwydlas
B3-16 Wrth fynd hefo Deio I Dywyn B3-17 A thousand curses on love B3-18 Cwyn Mam-yng-nghyfraith B3-19 Gee ceffyl bach
B3-20 An Irish lullaby B3-21 Y folantein
B3-22 John Barleycorn B3-24 The fairies’lullaby B3-25 Y derwyn bach syw
B3-26 O whistle and I’ll come to you, my lad
B3-27 What shall we do with the drunken sailor?
2 MCs, Schott, ED 12380 (Aufnahmeort und -jahr unbekannt). Weitere Auflagen: Music for Children (3 CDs), Schott Music, ED 12380, 1991

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte
Salzburger Hirtenbuben, Kammerchor der staatlichen Hochschule für Musik München, Kölner Kinderchor, Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden (ML).
1 MC, Harmonia Mundi, RK 77 139, 1988 (Aufnahme: Klosterkirche Benedictneuren, 1963; Lenggries 1966; Bad Tölz 1964; Penzberg, 1971).